Zoom Depositions – Part 1 – What is a Zoom Deposition?

July 22, 2020

Court reporters have been using Zoom depositions for years.  Back in the day, when attorneys didn’t want to travel, we would often use conference calls to facilitate depositions.  Over the years, this then changed to videoconferenced depositions where one IP site would connect with another IP site.  This technology took specialized equipment on both ends.  Over time, this method has been used less often and people have switched over to Zoom depositions.  Since COVID-19 and the requirement to social distance, our Zoom depositions have shot up significantly.  So I would like to start by explaining what exactly a Zoom deposition is.

Zoom is offered by most court reporters.  There are also other versions, of course, Cameo, etc, but they’re all powered by Zoom technology.  Zoom has been around since approximately 2011.  Winston-Salem Court Reporting has been using Zoom since approximately 2015.

Zoom  is much like Facetime or Skype but it can be used across many different platforms; i.e., laptop, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, desktop computer, Chromebook, etc. 

Zoom earlier on this year got some bad press with people breaking into meetings.  This has been fixed on the platform by requiring a password.  Please make sure your court reporting company provides you both the link, meeting ID, and the password.  The password will keep your meeting secure.

Zoom is unique in that it can allow up to 100 participants to connect.  All participants are sent the same link with meeting ID and password. 

Once connected all participants can see each other with a split screen and it will jump screens as people speak. 

There is also a function where people can  text within  the app.  Simply scroll to the contact to start a private chat.

Winston-Salem Court Reporting can now record your Zoom deposition.  All you have to do is request this when booking. 

To book your next Zoom deposition with Winston-Salem Court Reporting, please give us a call at 336-923-7429 or book online.